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Why you need to create your self-care routine NOW.

“You can’t pour from an empty glass”

Life is busy!
School, study, friends, sports, family, chores, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Take a moment to think about the last time you took time to practice some self-care.
Can you remember when it was?

Self-care looks different for everyone.
For you it might be:
• reading your new book at your favorite café
• going for a run in your favorite park
• pampering yourself with a day at the spa
• going for a yoga class
• taking time to cook yourself a nutritious meal
• any other activity that you feel restores your energy and brings you into the present moment.

No matter what the activities are that make you feel most refreshed and relaxed, it is vital that you FIND TIME for them today.

Life is not a race to the finish line. It is meant to be savored and enjoyed.

Pushing yourself too hard and spreading yourself too thin leads to anxiety, stress, and burnout which are all harmful for your mental, physical and emotional state.

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We suggest you CREATE a SELF-CARE ROUTINE that includes a daily practice, a weekly practice, as well as a monthly practice. Keeping yourself energized, de-stressed and optimistic does wonders for your overall quality of life.

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